Kelowna United Football Club

High Definition Conditioning & Performance

November 22nd, 2017

Kelowna United’s Strength & Conditioning Coach, Brandon of High Definition Conditioning & Performance has opened up Kelowna’s newest Kinesiology Private Practice, active rehabilitation tailored toward young athletes.



“Through the experience of doing the strength & conditioning sessions over the past years, I’ve noticed some of the kids reoccurring injuries and minor issues that some might have that have the potential to lead to bigger and more serious issues. In order to continue performing at the highest level, these small issues need to be dealt with from the outset to set the kids up for a high performing and successful youth football career, potentially leading to bigger and better things.”

After graduating from UBCO’s Human Kinetics Program, Brandon has recently became a certified Kinesiologist through the B.C. Association of Kinesiologists after adopting his Strength & Conditioning Specialist Certification this last summer. He is running his Kinesiology sessions out of the private gym he does Personal Training out of, Next Level Performance. Kinesiology sessions are covered under certain kinds of insurance under doctor’s recommendation. After performing assessments, Brandon will chart the type of work that needs to be done, and refer to a higher health practitioner if needed. 

For more information contact Brandon at or call at (306) 641-5583. Check out his gym’s website at