U16 Boys

U16 Boys – 2013/2014
Corbin Beauchamin
Corey Bennett Head Coach: Tony Gonzales
Foster Warren amgonzales@hotmail.com
Matthew Harden
Jeremy McKay
Noah Ridgway Training sessions:
Jaden McNulty Sept Rutland #2 5 to 6:30pm
Morgan Gonzales Sept 23/25
Ilan Michaeli Oct Tues/Thurs Mission 72
Spencer Young 8 to 9:30pm
Hakeem Rockwell Oct 1/3/8/10/15/17/22/24/29
Lloyd Larsen
Paul Kostiuk
Kealan Cangiano
Kyle Martin
Josh Clark
Zach Bradshaw
Rajveer Parmar

Congratulations to those who have successfully made the team. Thank you to all those players that came out!