PCSL U21 Girls

Sept 26th, 2013
PCSL U21 Girls 2013/2014
Arima Emina Head Coach: Mark Slade
Breti Krisztina mjslade1@gmail.com
Chuhaniuk Kiana
Culver Claire
Ferrier Tiffany Training sessions:
Grubisich Lauren Tues/Thurs 8 to 9:30pm Mission 72
Jackson Danielle Oct 1/3/8/10/15/17/22/24/29
Johnson Hannah Oct 6th – 8:30 to 11am UBCO Turf
Labossiere Jenna
Lazar Jazlyn
Lommer Jill
Lowe Kiana
Mapson Brianne
McLeod Hailey
Ralston Paige
Robertson Jilene
Slade Hayley
Snape Kennedy
Solland Sydney
Trefry Kaisha
Wallis Olivia

Congratulations to those who have successfully made the team. Thank you to all those players that came out!