Kelowna United Football Club
Team Coaches

Kelowna United Head Coach List  2014 – 2015



U11 Boys – 5 Teams U11 Girls – 4 Teams
 Matt Arruda  Doug Copithorne
 Chris Newitt  Scott Craig
 Ashley Ragoonaden  Audrey Abbey
 Vincent Dryden  Dean Corrado
 Marlene Braam  Steve Gubbels
U12 Boys U12 Girls
 Clive Elkin  Bruce Clark
 Kevin Kruger  Randy Schmidt
 Francisco Rubio  Tara Shanks
 Jason Neale
U13 Boys U13 Girls
 Otto Lohn Scott Jacobsen
 Cam West
U14 Boys U14 Girls
Surinder Gosal Tom Crawford
U15 Boys U15 Girls
Dan Turner Chris Vandemark
U16 Boys U16 Girls
Peter Roberts Mark Slade
U17/18 Boys U17/18 Girls
 Tony Gonzales  Darlene Therrien
U21 Boys U21 Girls
 John Del Medico  Mark Slade

 Kelowna United Coaching Information

Coaches interested in working with Kelowna United are asked to complete and submit an application form (this includes current coaches applying for reinstatement). Send completed applications to

The criteria used to choose coaches includes, but is not limited to:

  • Certification
  • Coaching experience
  • Playing experience
  • Commitment to attend coaching clinics and upgrading certification
    **Non-parent coaches will be given additional consideration


Coach’s Responsibilities

  • The coach is responsible for the team’s activities both on and off the field, except in those matters he/she properly delegates.
  • The coach must appoint an assistant coach to assist with on-field activities and practices and a manager to assist with off-field activitie.
  • Coaches will be expected to file a coaching plan with the Technical Director early in the season, to attend a mandatory orientation meeting, and to attend coaching clinics as required throughout the year.
  • The coach will work in conjunction with the Technical Director and coaching colleagues to coordinate tryouts and team selections. Two coaches in each age category will make final team selections with assistance from the Technical Director.
  • The coach will ensure players follow the club dress code and will maintain responsibility for the conduct of their players on the field and before and after games. Practices should be held at least once a week, and twice a week is encouraged.
  • The coach will ensure that all TOYSL and BCSA game regulations are adhered to including the proper completion of game sheets, player card control and filing of results with the league office. Fines resulting from non-adherence to these rules are the responsibility of the team.
  • The coach, above all else, will model good sportsmanship and conduct for players and parents when interacting with league and game officials. For more info, see Coach’s Code of Conduct.
  • Coaches who do not have a son or daughter on their team will be reimbursed by the team for reasonable expenses for gas, food and lodging while participating in out-of-town tournaments and Provincials.
  • Coaches are appointed for up to one year and are expected to adhere to the Coaches’ Code of Conduct and complete an RCMP criminal record every second year (this fee will be reimbursed by KU).