Kelowna United Football Club
2017 Results – April 8th – 9th

Kelowna United U12 Boys – Cobras
Sunday, April 9, 2017
Game 1:  Kelowna United U12 Boys – Cobras vs Shuswap U12 Boys

The KU Cobras had a striking start to the season versus Shuswap.  The weather was beautiful and the boys smartly turned out in red, black and white!  The passes were crisp, teamwork and organization to the fore and the defense tight leading to a first win for the team. The team had many shots on goal in the first half but a solid display by the Shuswap goalie and defense kept the game close.

Game 2:  Kelowna United U12 Boys – Cobras vs Kelowna United U12 Boys – R (Ragoonaden)

The Cobras played against the familiar opposition of coach Ashley Ragoonaden’s KU team and as usual, it was a typically tight and well fought game which ended in a one goal defeat for the Cobras. A bit of fatigue combined with the freshness of the opposition who had a bye, saw some tired legs but gave it their all to the very end.    

Overall a great start to the season and we look forward to healthy season of football.

Kelowna United U12 Girls – SWAT
Saturday, April 8, 2017
Game 1:  Kelowna United U12 Girls – SWAT vs Salmon Arm U12 Girls – V

Game one went well.   The sun was shining, the pitch was perfect, and girls were excited to play soccer.  The girls elected to focus as a team on defensive skills with pressure on the attacker.   For the most part they were successful.  Passing and receiving was also a strong point.  

Game 2:  Kelowna United U12 Girls – SWAT vs Kamloops U12 Girls – S

Game two was a good learning experience playing against a strong team.  The sun went away and a cold wind appeared.  The pitch was soggy, bumpy, uneven, and muddy.  The group elected to work on passing and focused on fist touch, using space and hustle.    

At the end of the day there were tired, happy, mud splashed footballers.   A good start to the season.

Kelowna United U13 Boys – V (Calmets)
Saturday, April 8, 2017
Kelowna United U13 Boys – V – 0     Shuswap U13 Boys – 2

The first game of the season was played against Shuswap. It was an even match, but an unfortunate pass awarded the first goal to Shuswap well into the game. With the KU boys not able to get the ball out of the box, Shuswap took another chance and scored their second goal close to half time. Despite great goal scoring opportunities, the KU boys had to take a 2-0 defeat.

Sunday, April 9, 2017
Kelowna United U13 Boys – V – 1     Kamloops D U13 Boys – 0

In the second game, the KU boys came out strong, more focused and communicated with each other. They were awarded the 1-0 lead almost at half time. Kamloops put pressure on in the second half to score the equalizer, but Kelowna held on to their lead and even had a close second scoring opportunity, but were denied by a good Kamloops defensive work.

KU/Junior Heat U13 Girls
Sunday, April 9, 2017
KU/Junior Heat U13 Girls – 1      Kelowna United U13 Girls – Thunder – 2

In a tough game against the Kelowna United Thunder, the Junior Heat U13 girls ended the game with a 2-1 loss.  The first half started off strong with a 1-0 lead in the first 10 minutes after a rebound goal by Teghan McCormick from a saved shot on net by Olivia Lawrie.   Goaltender Makenna Allison was challenged ten minutes into the second half by a breakaway goal and again ten minutes later by another breakaway.

Kelowna United U13 Girls – Storm
Sunday, April 9, 2017
Kelowna United U13 Girls – Storm – 2         KU/Junior Heat U13 Girls – 1

The first goal of the game came from the Heat in the first half.  The second goal of the day was by Kaedence Mollin from U13 in the second half with a finesse shot, with the final goal delivered by U13 Paris Kirk on a semi-breakaway, assisted by Kaedence Mollin.

KU/Junior Heat U15 Boys
Wednesday, April 5, 2017
KU/Junior Heat U15 Boys – 1      UBCO Women’s Team – 1

The U15 Junior Heat Boys had a busy week with three games.  The first game was a friendly against the UBCO Women’s team which resulted in a 1-1 tie with a goal by Chris West. 

 UBCO 1 – Ethan Kersche, UBCO 2 – Patrick Donovan, UBCO 3 – Dhevan Singh

Saturday, April 8, 2017
KU/Junior Heat U15 Boys – 3      Kamloops Blaze U15 Boys – 0

On Saturday, the boys hosted Kamloops and won convincingly with a 3-0 finish with goals by Justin Matte, Miguel Ambrosio and Austin King with strong goalkeeping by Brennan Martin. 

 Kamloops 1 – Brennan Martin, Kam 2 – Dylan Wong, Kam 3 – Wesley Turcot

Sunday, April 9, 2017
KU/Junior Heat U15 Boys – 7      Vernon U15 Boys – 0

On Sunday, the boys played Vernon at home and recorded a solid win and a second clean sheet of the season for goalkeeper Brennan Martin.  The first goal was scored on a penalty shot by Chris West and the second goal scored from a great header by Ethan Kersche.  The second half saw goals by Chris West, Tyson Douangpanya, Justin Matte and a pair by Miguel Ambrosio.

Vernon 1 – Chris West #11, Justin Matte #10, Miguel Ambrosio #7, Tyson Doungpanya #17, Ethan Kersche facing. 
Vernon 2 – William McKellar
Vernon 3 – Austin King