Kelowna United Football Club
2017 Results – May 14th – 16th

Sunday, May 14, 2017 
Game 1: KU U13 Girls Storm (Watson) – 1     Kamloops Blaze  – 1

It was a well-matched game between KU13 under coach Rob and the Kamloops Blaze on Mother’s Day Sunday. Strong defensive play was shown by Lily Kolochuk, Emily Buckmaster, and Kennedy Day in goal. Hailey Kristiansen Yeulett scored the KU goal of the day, assisted by Paris Kirk.

Tuesday, May 16, 2017
Game 2:  KU U13 Girls Storm (Watson) – 5     Shuswap U13 Girls  – 1

On this Tuesday evening, under a full rainbow, KU 13/KU W played SYSA. The first half was the quieter half, with one goal by Malyssa Watson, assisted by Kaedence Mollin, and Salmon Arm’s only goal of the match. After half-time, KU picked up the pace and dominated the passing and scoring, with goals by Paris Kirk, Avery Muir, Kaedence Mollin and Lilly Kolochuk. Great assisting by Julia Adamson, Kaedence Mollin and Jenna Gilbert, as well as strong playing by the rest of the team in their positions made the goals possible. Well done, team!

Sunday, May 14, 2017
KU/Junior Heat U13 Girls – 11 –   Shuswap U13 Girls – 0

Thanks to an impenetrable defensive team of Ava Craig, Maddie Banman, Grace Munson and Hinano Hennessey led by Captain Abby Gubbels, goaltender Makenna Allison had her first no touch game.  Jr. Heat finished the first half with a 5-0 lead, with the game ending with an 11-0 win.  Scorers were: Teghan McCormick (2 goals & 4 assists), Shae Taylor (1 goal & 1 assist), Olivia Lawrie (3 goals),  Megan Crozier (2 goals), Piper Guidi (1 goal & 1 assist), Tatum Grundy (1 goal & 1 assist) & Ava Craig (1 goal & 1 assist).   

Pic #1: Ava Craig taking a break from defense and heading towards the net: Pic #2; Tatum Grundy taking a shot on net; Pic #3: Team Captain Abby Gubbels leading a strong defensive team with Olivia Lawrie on the left & Shannon Row on the right.

Sunday, May 14, 2017
KU U13 Boys Warriors (Yann) – 0      Kamloops U13 Boys D – 4

On Sunday, the Warriors headed to Kamloops to play against the KYSA D team. The Warriors put high pressure on the ball, creating a couple of scoring opportunities, but unfortunately did not find the back of the net. The KYSA D team scored on a few quick counter attacks, leading three to nothing at half time. After half time the Warriors displayed better defense, but still conceded one more goal.

Sunday, May 14, 2017 
KU/Junior Heat U15 Boys – 3      Kelowna United U15 Boys – 0 

The U15 boys teams met for the second time this weekend with the first game ending in a tie.  Junior Heat finished with the win this time with goals by Chris West, Ethan Cowan, and Miguel Ambrosia.

Pic #1 (left to right in red) Adam Love, Noah Kroeker, Lee Arnesen, Cole McEwan & Stephano Poloni.  Derek Brunton taking header; Pic #2: Ethan Kershe (JH), Cole McEwan (KU); Pic #3: Goal Keeper Eric Dueck; Pic #4: Zack MacInnes & Darion Luckin; Pic #5: Dhevan Singh (JH) & Jayden Bridge (KU); Pic #6; Zack Macinnes jumping up  

Sunday, May 14, 2017
KU U15 Girls (Greenhough) – 4         Penticton U15 Girls – 0

The KU U15 girls came out flying and took control of the play against Penticton from the starting whistle. Kelowna scored the opening goal 10 minutes into the match when Ashlyn Eisenkrein won a ball battle, made a great pass to Kaley Krivoshein who booted it in for the goal. Penticton recovered quickly and demonstrated excellent ball movement, testing Kelowna keeper Tayshja Clark with several great scoring chances in the later stages of the first half. At the break, the score was still 1-0 favouring Kelowna.

The teams came out for the second half with a noticeably higher level of intensity. Several penalty kicks were awarded as a result of much more physical play. Kaley Krivoshein was hauled down on a breakaway, the resulting PK put Kelowna ahead 2-0.  Kelowna scored again a few moments later when Kaley Krivoshein broke away for her third goal of the game. Penticton came close to scoring on another penalty kick after a collision between a hard charging Tayshja Clark and the Penticton attacker. Tayshja made a great save to preserve her clean sheet.

Kelowna wrapped up the scoring with a goal from Ashlyn Eisenkrein to seal a convincing 4-0 victory. Next weekend, the KU Girls head off to Kamloops for the Slurpee Cup.

Pic #1: Kaley Krivoshein winding up the big boot; Pic #2: Ashlyn Eisenkrein bringing up the ball; Pic #3: Kaley Krivoshein taking a penalty shot; Pic #4: Kaley Krivoshein scores on a penalty shot