U13 Boys

U13 Boys – 2013/2014
Karson Andrew
David Ley
Cameron Wilson Head Coach – Surinder Gosal
Reid Herron suri_gosal@hotmail.com
Breaden Cangiano
Clark Coombs Training sessions – UPDATE
Cain Moore Rutland #1 4:30 to 6pm Oct 2/7
Riley Neal Rutland #2 9/16/21/23/28/30
Cameron Sorensen 4:30 to 6pm (or until light goes)
Carson Whitley
Harrison Bortolon
Tanner Peters
Jonah Donahue
Gavin Sherman
Coleton Smith
Harjun Gosal
Christopher VanDenHeuvel
Phillip Michl

Congratulations to those who have successfully made the team. Thank you to all those players that came out!