U13 Girls

U13 Girls 2013/2014
Chelsea Cristofoli Head Coach – Jill Robinson
Samantha Watson e-mail:  jjjjrobinson@shaw.ca
Katherine Hume
Teagan Milligan Training sessions:
Katrina Schrod Tues/Thurs
Logan Finley Sept 17/19/24/26
Kennedy Crawford Oct 1/3/8/10/15/17/22/24/29
Catherine Howe Mission 72
Taylor Paige Hughes 4:30 to 6pm
Mia Woodworth
Zayin Brown
Brooklyn Swecera
Moira Roadhouse
Hailey Wright
Danika Ungarian
Jessica Skerlec
Jenna Robinson
Annebella Perry

Congratulations to those who have successfully made the team. Thank you to all those players that came out!